Private lessons are available for:
  • violin - beginners through intermediate
  • viola - beginners
  • cello - beginners through advanced
  • bass - beginners through intermediate
  • classical guitar - beginners

Fees are:
$15 for a 30-minute lesson ($12.50 when adding a Tripod)
$30 for a 60-minute lesson ($25 when adding a Tripod)

The Great Playn's Music Program utilizes technology to a significant degree. Contemporary resources available through the internet have revolutionized our society, including the area of music education. All private lesson and Tripod students will have access to the Smart Music online music resource. This tool puts a positive spin to practicing and learning new music. It is another unique aspect of the Great Playn's Music Program benefitting musicians in Central Kansas.
Group lessons (60 minutes) are available for:
  • violin, viola, cello, bass - beginners through intermediate
  • guitar - beginners

Fees (paid monthly) are:
for two students: $20 each student per lesson
for three students: $15 each student per lesson
for four or more: $10 each student

STRINGS IMPROVISATION CLASS (for advanced students):
$10 per 90 minute class, held twice monthly -Dec - April (10 classes)
see schedule here
If interested in signing up, click on the "Forms and Policies" link above.
Lessons in your home (in Salina):
$30 for 30 minutes
$60 for 60 minutes

If you can arrange to have more than two students living within a few blocks sign up on the same day, the cost for in-home lessons is $20 for each 30 minute lesson.
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lessons and Tripods in one week are a
valuable option.
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