The Tripods* Method is an innovative group learning method. It complements private lessons with three additional facets of music: 1) music theory and composition, 2) improvisation, and 3) ensemble work including eclectic styles. (These three form the basis for the title "Tirpod.") Why add to private lessons? Consider an analogy: a basketball player can work on all types of individual tecnique, but the team performance is where real skills are displayed. An orchestra (and even solo) performance involves two or more musicians most of the time. The Tripods strengthen the skills necessary to be a good team player and to offer a fine performance. The Tripods are the "group" practice sessions where individual skills are coordinated for the team's public performance. In the fact that others are involoved, the Tripods provide a fun way for the ambivalent or "social" student to get serious musical training while interacting with peers, computers and other aspects of music that aren't traditionally included in private lessons. 

The Tripods format is for four students in a 90 minute class. Compare and Contrast private lessons with the Tripods. Basically, private lessons focus on solo repertoire and the technical skills needed for that specific instrument. The Tripods broaden the solo/individual experience, adding a collaborative and social aspect to learning along with playing rock, jazz, fiddling and latin styles of music. The Tripods develop the right/creative brain, inspiring and challenging the students to explore their own musical voices. With technology and peer interaction, serious music study is fun. Special rates are available for students who want both a private lesson and a Tripod class each week. See either application form.

Tripods Stage 1
Initially, for 40 minutes the students learn music theory by means of Music Mind Games (see
Tripods Stage 2
A 20 minute segment follows theory. In this 20 minute segment the students are divided into two teams. In Team 1 two students are coached in improvisation. Meanwhile Team 2 works on composition using both paper and pencil and a computer. While composing music they learn the keyboard and the creative/inductive approach using their music theory knowledge. Their compositions can be performed later by their ensemble or as a solo.  In the subsequent week, Team 2 works on improvisation and Team 1 composition, switching off every-other week.
Tripods Stage 3
The last "tripod" is a 30 minute ensemble segment where all four work togeth to learn ensemble repertoire inclusive of a wide array of styles, including their own compositions and/or arrangements.
The fee per student is $25 dollars per 90-minute session. Students can sign up with either a pre-selected group, or can be assigned to a group.

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* Tripods Music Method is copywritten in 2000 by Teresa E. Hernandez
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